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IMG_1627I received these as a gift yesterday, to the layman they are known as a bowl of nuts. I was informed that they were not just any nuts, they were my favourites. Funny. They just looked like little wooden balls to me, nothing I recognised. Certainly not as my favourites. Turns out they are my very favourites. Macadamias no less, the most treasured and hunted down in the mixed nut bag. There in lies the problem. I have never actually seen a macadamia fully clothed and although I like to think of myself as something of a nut devotee, there I was in entirely unfamiliar territory. It occured to me, how quickly we miss a link and become almost entirely disconnected from source and how much joy there is in the tiniest of discoveries that take us closer to the truth. Certainly the effort that goes into cracking each nut by hand is entirely lost in my mixed nut bag.

It struck me that it is similarly nutty how quickly we can lose sight of ourselves when presented easier, faster, more ‘efficient’ alternatives. I think I will try and keep my macadamia jacket on a bit longer and savour the quiet of gentle progress.


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