The 3 states that matter.

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The 3 states that matter.

What if we became reductionists, scrutinising action until we could discern the ocean of love in one thought? What if we stood back from the ego’s gluttenous hankerings and pulled the carpet away from under the grand voice of achievement? Silence the haranguing voice of failure to the quick. Only then could we be the firm hand that slaps the pale cheek of worry to, bringing it rosy and startled into this moment.

That has already washed through our fingers.

Take our time. Listen to the voice that rarely sleeps. A time to become a vulture and hover over the carcasses of our concerns and arrogances, if only just to realise that. We are not separate. We are predator and prey. Subconscious thinking action: we are enmeshed. Like wattle and daub. Our subconscious writes and preordains behaviour and when unaware we are no better than instinctive animals, robots or the tin man. We are men of straw.

I think of meditation like atoms of thought dispersing. An implosion of atoms away from a single point, freedom and space and creative solution between each one as they uncontrollably hurtle randomly. Occasionally pulled back to the apparent epicentre of thinking until they career outwards again, each time creating more and more space between them. The mind can sometimes talk itself into correct action through heavy and solid negotiations. The mind can sometimes talk itself into correct speech through agility and fluidity of tongue, but when the waters are murky you cannot talk yourself into the clear thought that wells from purity of intention.

Meditation allows our sail to unravel and the boat to change course. Sailing wild and free in a sweet sea of possibility, organising us, our actions, our thoughts, our intentions. Without charter.




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