Open the door and be grateful.

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Open the door and be grateful.

Today my five year old and I were talking about our home. Which is modest to some and luxury to others. It depends which nib fits the writer and the slant of the reader. When I expressed how lucky we were: to have a safe loving home, friends and loved ones who we can turn to, choices and food at our table every night, my son piped up

“Yes, but we do not have many doors.”

I thought about it. I am not sure he fully intended to spark this kind of enthusiasm through his comment. But those of you who know me will know that is all it did.  I reasoned that it was true, we do not have many doors, but the ones we do have lead somewhere important. Which of course begs the question, do we need more doors? More distractions or illusions of choice? Once we have honed our experience surely one door will be enough and we will be eternally grateful for whatever is behind it.




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