Our unshared truths

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Our unshared truths

Life is a funny old bird, if we are lucky.

It occurred to me that every day we experience events that are uniquely ours. Some (most) of them are never shared, discussed, even see the light of day beyond the immediacy of their happening to happen in our lives. A kind gesture of a man who helps you find your money as it falls to the floor. The exquisite sound of a young lady playing the violin that will haunt you each time you pass her busking spot for years after she has gone. That kind of thing. Perhaps they are not important enough to warrant any extra attention, but nonetheless all these less meaningful moments, layered one on top of the other, all but shaped our lives.

Then there are the more intimate parts of our lives that we have kept to ourselves. Not necessarily deliberately. They resurface un-beckoned at times we least expect them.  Sacred words. Moments that took our breath away and for which there were no words. Loves shared. Regrets and shames. In a blink of an eye, they can be resurrected by a distinct sight or smell, and relived over and over again for the rest of ones life. With the same clarity.

These are our moments. Our unshared truths. It is these moments that we guard with the heart and vault in the subconscious. They stay within us as our treasures. Buffed, witnessed and polished by meditation yet still only known only by me.


  • Vicki

    Very true. Xx

    February 24, 2017