Ashok Tree

This retreat is just what the Yogi ordered! Sadhana in ten acres of virgin land surrounded by rice fields, overlooked by Arunachala mountain and only a twenty minute ride into Tiruvanamalai town. Ashok Tree unwinds you until you find yourself staring out into the middle distance wondering if you will ever be able to leave…and why should you?! It is just the right mix of wild, with pygmy owls watching over your evening stroll, hawks, monkeys, ground squirrels running about and iguanas propping up the trees.This is nature at its best, watch the sun rise over the mountain, practice in the outdoor shala or on the roof terrace at sunset and eat organic food freshly grown on the land and sattvically prepared by the ladies in the kitchen. Fresh butter, ghee and yoghurt straight from the cows on site, churned by hand and served with your food, coconuts with a straw and roasted guavas on an open fire. This place is as much about the friendly people who live and work here as those that visit, it has a great atmosphere and children from the local free charity primary school visiting to worship each morning at the temple. We enjoy hikes to meditate in caves where saints have sat before us, pilgrimage around holy mount Arunachala and workshop South Indian cooking all this alongside a complete schedule of twice daily kriya, pranayama, yoga and meditation practices!

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